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MyLion Leader Toolkit

Use these resources to encourage Lions in the clubs and districts you lead to use the MyLion mobile app.

Read this first! (PDF, 463.6 KB)

Read this first!

The MyLion Action Plan for Lions Clubs Leaders explains how to start using MyLion and call a special MyLion meeting.

QuickStart Guide (PDF, 1.4 MB)

QuickStart Guide

Print this guide for each of your members to help them start using MyLion.

Printing Tips: Print double-sided on letter-sized paper. Trim off the white space and fold in half.

MyLion Overview (PPT, 14 MB)

MyLion Overview

Use this presentation to get your club excited about MyLion. (Speaker notes included!)

MyLion Promotional Video (MPEG4, 27 MB)

MyLion Promotional Video

Kick off your MyLion meeting with this short promotional video. (Note: it’s the same video that’s on the home page.)

MyLion Meeting Invitations (Word, 123.6 KB)

MyLion Meeting Invitations

Use these sample email and social media invitations to invite club members to a special MyLion meeting.