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Take the Lead, Create an Activity

MyLion create activity screen

Serving is for everyone. You don’t always need to count on a club officer to create service activities—you can create your own! This means focusing on the causes that matter most to you. MyLion lets Lions who are ready to organize and serve their favorite causes create an activity easily.

How to Create an Activity

First, head over to the Star icon in the center of your bottom navigation bar to get to your Activities screen. From there, tap the Plus icon in the top left corner of your screen. Then, depending on the kind of activity you wish to create, you can select Service Activity, Fundraiser, or Other Cause.

The next screen will prompt you for the following fields:

  • Activity Name
  • Cause
  • Location
  • Start and End Dates
  • Description

You will also have control over who can see and who can join this activity.

Now you’re ready to invite other Lions to join or help with your activity. You can search for names, or enter a club name to invite all or some of its members. When you’re finished inviting Lions, tap Proceed to create the activity and send out the invitations.

Keep in mind that if you chose a cause when you set up your activity, a standard cause-related photo will be the default image – but you can swap in a photo of your own if you’d like.

Spread the Word

Once your activity is created, you can follow the activity or share it on Facebook or a calendar. To spread the word, you can post about it to your MyLion News Feed. You can also message your club officer and request that they affiliate the activity with your club by starring it.

Here’s a helpful hint:

After your activity has been created, you can tap the Pencil icon to edit both the picture and the details of the activity.

Take the lead with MyLion, and serve your way.



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