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Social media is important to Lions. Many Lions tune into popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Lions Clubs news and updates. These platforms are useful, but they’re not purpose-built for service-minded Lions; general feeds can be distracting, and the latest from Lions Clubs often gets lost in a sea of posts. Since Lions Clubs content is spread out across the multiple platforms, it can be challenging to keep up with everything.

MyLion is populated by Lions, focused on causes, and equipped with digital badges that reward activity on the app. MyLion is the central place where Lions can create service projects and discuss service; in fact, it’s one of the only service-based social media platforms out there.

As more users join the MyLion app, this social network becomes more useful for everybody. Any Lion currently using social media will find the app layout intuitive and simple. That’s why turning to your favorite social networks – like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – to recruit friends is a good idea. Looking for ways to start inviting your friends? We have a few for you:


  • Create a service activity on MyLion and use MyLion’s “Share on Facebook” tool to reach Lions using Facebook.
    • You can add a note to your post explaining that you are managing the activity in MyLion.
    • Invite friends to join MyLion in your public post or in private messages, including a link to the App Store or Google Play pages for MyLion.
  • Visit our recent post about MyLion on Facebook and Share it with your friends.
    • Or if you prefer to post it yourself here it is: As a Lion, I’m all about service and community. Now, thanks to MyLion, I have my community in my pocket, and other Lions are only a text bubble away. Download it now from the App Store or Google Play, and connect with me.


  • Tweet about MyLion to start a buzz in your community. Here are some examples.
    • “I’m using #MyLion to connect with other Lions more easily than ever. If you have the app, follow me! If you don’t, use these instructions to get it:”
    • “#MyLion lets Lions keep up and serve with one another. Get the app and follow me:”
    • “I’m earning exclusive badges in #MyLion that aren’t available anywhere else. You can get it, too:”


  • Take a screenshot of your MyLion news feed or club profile and share it on Instagram
  • Snap a photo of a Lion using MyLion, and post it on Instagram

We all want to see more and more of our fellow Lions on MyLion, so start spreading the word!



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