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New Ways to Discover Lions: Filter Your Search by District

MyLion Discover filters including Your District

This month, we’ve made it easier to search for Lions activities, clubs, and members in your region. There are several new ways you can find and connect with nearby Lions:

  • Multiple District and District filters on the Discover page
  • Multiple District and District Profiles

Multiple District and District Filters
First, navigate to the Discover page, marked by the Magnifying Glass icon. Select whether you want to search for activities, users, or clubs by selecting the appropriate tab.

Then, tap on the three-line Triangle icon in the top right corner of the screen, where you’ll be able to turn on or off filters for “Your Multiple District” or “Your District.” Once you choose to Apply the “My District” filter, your search results page will automatically display results only from your district. You can browse the results without entering any search terms, or hone in on someone or something specific within your district by entering key words.

District Profiles
We’ve also added Multiple District and District Profiles, which means you can now tap on a user’s district and explore the district via its profile, including new Officers and Clubs tabs.

Service is Local
Although MyLion is globalizing Lions activity and communication, most service still happens locally. Thanks to these new district-based features, MyLion is becoming more useful to connect and serve with local Lions.



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