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MyLion launches in 4 new languages

MyLion screen in new language

Lions serve all across the globe. They live in many countries and speak many languages. MyLion is designed to connect Lions everywhere—which is why we’re working to bring the app to new regions and new languages all the time.

Today we’re excited to announce that MyLion is now available in many countries in Lions’ OSEAL region, Constitutional Area five. This launch includes the addition of MyLion in Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. Check out the updated list of countries with access to MyLion here. And, if you are now able, download MyLion from the Apple App Store or Google Play!

For many of the other Lions who still can’t get the app, MyLion is coming to you soon. We’re working hard to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to bring MyLion to Europe, and we’re happy to report that MyLion will be available for download in the EU later this year. Our launch in the EU will include the addition of MyLion in Finnish.

We also have some good news for Hindi-speaking Lions. For those who use MyLion in English, but prefer online support content in Hindi: We’ve just launched the Hindi version Use the language toggle on the site or click over to Hindi here! MyLion itself, however, will not be available in Hindi.

As the MyLion community grows, Lions from more and more regions are able to connect. Take a moment to browse a club from another country, reach out to a foreign Lion, and say hello!



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