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Jen Moone
Childhood Cancer Survivor
A Lion in the House

Congratulations on your curiosity. You have opened the door to potentially join one of the world's most ferocious fights: against childhood cancer.

Cancer is not fair, and childhood cancer is even less so. Any child may be affected. Any race, religion, age, or socio-economic status is vulnerable. And the disease causes untold suffering for both the patients and their families. Not everyone can find a cure for cancer, but we can all contribute to finding that cure, or we can do something to make life easier for patients and families.

This Kit:
  • Is designed for teenagers and their leaders to step in and make a difference through community service or service-learning.
  • Is divided into four content areas: families, siblings, peers with cancer, and careers in medicine.
  • Each content area has a number of units, which are correlated with national standards ranging in a full curriculum from arts to sciences to health.
  • Each content area has a related 10-minute clip from the highly-acclaimed PBS documentary A Lion in the House, as well as accompanying discussion questions to raise awareness and empathy about the issues.
  • TEACHER/FACILITATOR TRAINING AVAILABLE! Free training on use of the kits is available online. Training includes an overview of A Lion in the House, a review of the instructional units contained in the kit and tips on how to guide your students through planning and implementing a community service project.
  • If time permits, we also recommend viewing the full 4-hour film, as well as utilizing excerpts from the companion book, A Lion in the House: True stories from the war on cancer , edited by Margaret McGurk.

The Youth Leader:
  • Is invited to browse and choose a unit to adapt to his/her group. If the leader wishes to do the full service-learning curriculum, it’s there. If the youth leader wishes to skip down and simply lead an idea based on the community service lessons (indicated in green) that is manageable, too. The curriculum provides guidelines, but it is also a creative tool for infinite adaptations to your specific group.
  • Through the process of learning and then stepping outside of oneself to do a service project, youth may earn community service credits. More importantly, youth may learn empathy, overcome fears, and feel the power and rewards of reaching out to another in need.

  Welcome to the mylion community. We want to hear from you, get news about your work, and cheer you on! We can also offer you ideas and connections for your projects.
  • Please register your group on the blog page. Choose a shared user name and password to allow all members of your group to access the page.
  • Post some of your work in the mylion Scrapbook.
  • We want to know your results--tell us how many youth participated and how many people were served through your project.
  • In the Tools section, you will find a link to the extensive Youth Service America service-learning tool kit.
Thank you for your curiosity and good will. Please open the next door and tell us about you.
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