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MyLion discover user screen

MyLion makes communicating with other Lions easy. But what about Lions who aren’t on the MyLion app yet? Luckily, inviting Lions club members to join MyLion is simple, and you can send the invitation yourself-right from your MyLion app! Here are a couple ways to help Lions join MyLion.

Search by User

First, navigate to the Discover screen, represented by the Magnifying Glass icon. Select the Users tab.

Then, in the “Type here to search” box, enter a friend’s name, and tap Search on your keyboard; even if they aren’t on the MyLion app, you’ll be able to find them as long as they’re in MyLCI.

If they’re not on the MyLion app yet, it will say “Not yet registered for MyLion” under their name. Open their profile, and tap the button to send them an invite. Follow the prompts to help one more lucky Lion join the MyLion community.

Filter by MyClub

You can also use filters to quickly find and invite your club members.

By pressing the three-line Triangle menu icon in the top right corner of the Discover Users screen, you’ll be able to filter search results by “MyClub.” That will show you all the members of your club, so you can invite those who aren’t yet on MyLion.

The more members of your club enroll in MyLion, the closer you come to earning one of the Innovative Club badges! Check out the badge details by tapping on the Person icon to bring up your profile. Scroll down and tap on any badge to learn how to earn it.



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