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Future Feature: Quick Report on the MyLion App

The MyLion quick report prototype

Developing digital tools or features isn’t just about entering the right code or designing the perfect layout. It’s about developing the right feature. The feature that makes you go, “That’s exactly what I needed!” or “I’ve been waiting for this!”

We heard from Lions and Leos that they’re interested in a quick report feature on the MyLion app, so our product team checked in with MyLion app users, got a little more information and developed a solution.

After perfecting the functionality, the product team proudly presented the quick report concept, as well as a working prototype via webinar.

The benefits?

With the quick report feature, a club officer will be able to quickly report a completed service activity directly from the app. Clubs will not need to re-enter data, the process will be much faster than traditional reporting and you’ll be able to see your impact in real-time on the MyLion for web metrics dashboard.

Pretty cool, right? We think so too.



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