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Lions make such a widespread impact because we’re dedicated to so many causes. Is your district focused on insulin supplies for diabetes, or addressing the local hunger crisis in your community? Whatever you’re committed to, MyLion makes it easy to find the service activities that fuel your passion.

Start by tapping the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen. Make sure Activities is selected at the top. From here, open the 3 bar “tornado” icon in the right hand corner, which brings you to MyLion’s “Filters” menu. Sort your search preferences for service activities by name, distance, or location. You can also search by…

  • Occurring: Want to make a difference this week? Restrict your search to service activities happening within the next 7 days. Next month? That option is available too.

  • Activity Type: If you want to get specific about how you’re contributing, you can filter by service activity, fundraiser, or other.

  • Choose a Cause: Here’s where you can select one of our 5 core causes. If you’re interested in something outside of those 5, just tap “Other Cause,” which will show you all service activities in your area that don’t fall under those 5 categories.

When you’ve set up your preferences, simply tap Apply in the right hand corner. Your Discover screen will then refresh to show you all service activities happening near you that fit your filters.

Easy, isn’t it? MyLion is built that way.



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