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MyLion for web on tablet

Good news, Lions! MyLion is coming soon to all devices. MyLion for web will be a secure website for all Lions and Leos, accessible on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

With MyLion for web you will be able to do many of the things you’ve been doing in the MyLion app:

  • Access content you’ve created in the app, and vice versa, including your user profile, activities, and messages
  • Create and manage service activities including project details, invites, and post-event photos
  • Chat with other Lions through the Messages feature
  • Tune your privacy settings to control who can see your profile

There are also powerful new features currently available only in the new web version of MyLion:

  • On the new MyLion Metrics dashboard, you’ll be able to track individual, club, and global impact statistics
  • Explore service project planners and other new tools for organizing and running service activities
  • For leaders, MyLion will become your go-to platform for Lions Clubs service reporting.

But don’t worry, mobile users: you’ll still use the app. Some features will remain unique to the MyLion app, including searching for users and clubs in the app’s Discover screen. Likewise, the News Feed remains an app-only feature; you’ll still need the MyLion app to create posts and view, “like,” and comment on the News Feed posts of others.

If you’re already a registered Lions Member MyLion user, your existing MyLion user name and password will become your MyLion Login. The MyLion Login grants you access to the MyLion platform, whether you’re logging in on the web or in the app.

With MyLion available on both app and web, you’ll be able to use the platform you like best, or strike a comfortable balance between both.



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