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MyLion Club Profile Overview screen

Introducing District Profiles and Enhanced Club Profiles

By Anne Good

April 18, 2018

Clubs and districts are essential to Lions, because most service happens cooperatively and locally. On MyLion, each club and each district has its own profile. Every club has a Club Profile that states its name and meeting place, lists its members, and shares other basic information. Recently [...]
Natalie Meier showing MyLion on her phone

Natalie Meier: Changing from Guest to Member in MyLion

By Brittny Thomas

April 17, 2018

MyLion is built for Lions, but it’s open to everyone. The MyLion app allows Lions to register as members and everyone else as guests. However, only Lions can gain access to all MyLion’s content and features. If you initially signed up for MyLion as “Guest” but you are a [...]
MyLion gold, silver, and bronze badges

MyLion Power Users Rack Up Badges, Service Activities

By Amanda Schapp

March 16, 2018

As the Lions Clubs MyLion service app continues to roll out internationally, more and more Lions are using it to keep up with other members, follow clubs, and attend or organize service activities. In fact, some Lions are so enthusiastic about the mobile app that they’ve become MyLion [...]
MyLion Discover filters including Your District

New Ways to Discover Lions: Filter Your Search by District

By Anne Good

March 15, 2018

This month, we’ve made it easier to search for Lions activities, clubs, and members in your region. There are several new ways you can find and connect with nearby Lions: Multiple District and District filters on the Discover page Multiple District and District Profiles Multiple District [...]
Facebook like and love icons

Spread the word about MyLion on social media

By Jacquelyn MacKenzie

March 14, 2018

Social media is important to Lions. Many Lions tune into popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Lions Clubs news and updates. These platforms are useful, but they’re not purpose-built for service-minded Lions; general feeds can be distracting, and the latest from Lions [...]
Expansion to More Countries

Now Available in More Countries

By Patrick Rodwell

February 27, 2018

As MyLion’s reach grows, the world gets smaller. MyLion makes it so easy to connect with Lions around the world. Many Lions have wanted MyLion in their countries since our first launch in July, 2017. We were excited to translate and successfully release the app to many more countries in [...]
MyLion create activity screen

Take the Lead, Create an Activity

By Nannette Adams

February 14, 2018

Serving is for everyone. You don’t always need to count on a club officer to create service activities—you can create your own! This means focusing on the causes that matter most to you. MyLion lets Lions who are ready to organize and serve their favorite causes create an activity [...]
Interview with Kerstin Rust

What motivates young people to serve?

By Joshua Bailey

February 13, 2018

The MyLion team caught up with Kerstin Rust, the Leo Club Program Specialist, at the 2017 Convention in Chicago. As the Lions community knows, our youth are changing the face of service. Kerstin offered some insight into how Leos, and young people more generally, are serving in today’s [...]
MyLion discover user screen

Invite Lions to MyLion

By Anne Good

February 12, 2018

MyLion makes communicating with other Lions easy. But what about Lions who aren’t on the MyLion app yet? Luckily, inviting Lions club members to join MyLion is simple, and you can send the invitation yourself-right from your MyLion app! Here are a couple ways to help Lions join MyLion. [...]